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Why Freedive?

The answer to that question lies in the "free". You can dive without all that heavy cumbersome  equipment.  You are streamlined, quiet  and stealthy. You experience the ocean as dolphins do - free to swim up, down and sideways. You can truly experience "soar like an eagle".

Freediving can be dangerous. Be sure to read the 


Compare Scuba and Free Diving

Freediving and Stealth

Being free gives you the opportunity to be quiet and move silently underwater. This stealth is great for underwater photography of cautious creatures, spearfishing,  etc. Click on the link below to read how such stealth aided the freeing of an entangled humpback whale.

Freedivers release an entangled humpback whale

About the Founder

I am including this background information so that visitors to the site can have a little insight into my past is and how it has developed and ultimately resulted in the creation of this site. It is meant to show the visitor that I am at least to some degree qualified to say what I say in this site and the products available. Click on the link below to read more.

About the Founder








My diving CV is as follows: 

  • South African Spearfishing Records: four

  • Representation of Eastern Province in various spearfishing competitions and Nationals.

  • Represented SA as Springbok Spearfisherman in 2007.

  • Won the 2007 Tony Dicks Spearfishing Competition.

  • Dive for the Dolphin underwater club and twice we won the the Interclub competitions..

  • Our team (Eastern Province won SA Nationals in 2006 - I was sea-captain of that team).

  • Have held breath for over five minutes,

  • Dived to 53 meters on breathhold with ease and spearfished to 40 m.

  • 17 years of experience in shore and boat diving

  • Have over 1700 dives as experience.

  • More than 7000 hours spent at sea.

  • I have to date only scuba dived once.

  • Nineteen years of experience in teaching, lecturing and mentoring students.



Port Elizabeth Diving

What's great about Port Elizabeth (PE) for divers?                                              


PE has a fairly unique coastline. There is Algoa Bay - it is a wide bay about 60 km across. The prevailing winds are from either the east or west. There is often an opportunity to dive as compared to a coastline where there is no sheltered bay. Three islands within the bay make great tourist attractions and the diving at these islands can be spectacular. At the eastern extremity of Algoa Bay is Bird Island - this area, now declared a marine reserve, also has some great divesites. The relatively warm water and variation of sea life and dive conditions makes PE a fine dive destination. Sheltered spots close inshore make for relaxed and safe diving for aspiring divers.

The Ocean is NEAR!

Unlike cities such as Cape Town and Durban, the launchsites and very good dive sites are only a few minutes drive away, 20 km max! Early dives before work and late afternoon dives are an option - even a lunchtime dive is possible! Beat that!


The PE weather is great - generally very mild and the water temperatures are also quite warm. There is sufficient wind to relocate pollution so the air is mostly fresh and and clean. Sometimes there is a wind. Rain is rather scarce making for plenty of sunshine.

More on Port Elizabeth Diving 



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