Having mastered the basics do you feel that you need something to take your spearfishing to the next level?

Do you see big fish down there... just out of reach - "If only it was 10 m shallower!"

or, you might say:

"I need to stay down longer those fish are curious but will not come within range."


"I just can't keep my fitness for spearfishing - two or three good days and I am doing well, then comes the demands of the three "W"s - wind, work, wife; and my diving is back to square one."


"I need to be able to swim around a bit, or sometimes even a lot on the bottom to get those fat fish but as soon as I get down on the deeper reefs I must turn around and go back up again."

or, watching a spearfishing video you say:

"How on earth does he do it? He makes it look so easy!" (And you openly or secretly wish you too had those skills).

If you have experienced the above and would like to find a way to move up a few clicks in your spearfishing then read on.

These are exact words and phrases that have come out of my mouth - many years back, and more recently. I heard them said all around me too by those I dived with.

The key to overcoming these difficulties lies in increasing your breathholds and bottom time as well as being able to dive deeper, comfortably and safely.


Since 1991 I was always observant, questioned what I did, and what others did for avenues of improvement (optimization) and I was totally obsessed with freediving and spearfishing. I liked to try new things, do it differently and of course do what my role models did. I still like to try new things, and always will.

Over the years I tried techniques found in the literature and had some success with those but also found certain difficulties with them and refined these to suit myself - not only training methods, and deeper diving but also hunting techniques. Try, test, test and retest again and again. Along the road I learned that the spearo's mindset was probably of greater importance that his inherent physical abilities. Fortunately one of my hobbies was studying the mind and its workings so this was synergisitc to my progress in spearfishing. This is the reason why I set out my online spearfishing mentorship to run over a full year during which the students mindset is allowed to shift. My mentorship program covers lots of topics from the very basic to well advanced but the only problem was it did not allow for fairly advanced freedivers or spearos to get rapidly to the theory and practice of increasing depth and bottom time. To fill this need I set up the advanced spearfishing course with a chief focus on increasing the depth you can dive and along with that the bottom time.

So by now I guess you want to know how much it will cost you. All this advanced stuff about spearfishing, my experience on increasing depth and bottom time all condensed into one CD. 

Well the cost is only R400. As usual I will offer it to you free if you bring along 4 others who buy it too.

But wait, there is more.

As a free bonus you get an three lessons on underwater hunting technique:

Bonus # 1 Hunting Methods Part 1

Bonus # 2 Hunting Methods Part 2

Bonus # 3 Hunting Methods Part 3

Wait a bit more, just as you would on the bottom if you did this course.

You also get

Bonus # 4 Advanced Spearfishing Techniques

So there you have it, I am not only offering you all I know on increasing depth and bottom time but also what I know about hunting techniques - the basics as well as some really advanced stuff.

Again that is not all,

I am so confident in my product that I will give a full refund if you have not had complete satisfaction on the condition that you follow the instructions given.

Contact me on 0845733085 or email me on to find out how to optimize your depth and bottom time (and hunting technique).

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Part 1 Why Deeper? Why more bottom time?



Part 2 Shallow Water Blackout (SWB)



Part 3 Cycles and Spearfishing



Part 4 Factors Influencing Your Success in Spearfishing



Part 5  Deep Diving Part Section 1



Part 6  Deep Diving Part 2



Part 7 Persistence and Mindset for Success



Part 8 Ultra Deep Spearfishing



Bonus # 1 Hunting Methods Part 1



Bonus # 2 Hunting Methods Part 2



Bonus # 3 Hunting Methods Part 3


Bonus # 4 Advanced Spearfishing Techniques



Appendix 1 Breathhold Enhancement Exercise