This site, the related course notes, and mentorship lessons are designed to educate and provide general information on freediving and related activities. The data supplied have been learned from experience, reviewing literature, and discussion with other persons of varying degrees of experience in spearfishing, diving and fishing activities.

The reader must bear in mind that all students develop at their own pace as freedivers or spearfishermen. They should at all times proceed slowly and cautiously and with due consideration of safety aspects.

In addition, the ocean is by its very nature a volatile domain and cannot always be predicted accurately. The creatures that live within it are equally unpredictable. Knowledge alone amounts to very little if not appropriately applied and can be dangerous to a person not understanding cause and effect in their field of endeavour.

Persons engaging in freediving should be physically and medically fit and should consult with their physician as to whether freediving is suitable for them. Freediving can be dangerous and improper application and actions may result in injury or even death in extreme cases.

The founder and thus disclaims any liability from the information contained in this site and the related materials including courses and mentorship programs.