(available from January 2007)


Pinnacle and Wall Divesites of Port Elizabeth - Memoirs of a Freediver

By  Gletwyn Rubidge


I wrote most of this book in December 2005. It is about 146 pages long and describes pinnacle and wall divesites of Port Elizabeth (South Africa).

I describe 70 odd divesites in the Port Elizabeth area and an additional 47 close-by sites under some of the main sites. GPS co-ordinates are given for all the divesites except the twenty odd shoredive areas which are generally described.  There are over 60 photographs, three maps and 34 anecdotes. Anecdotes that are included are based of freediving, spearfishing, fishing and related activities. These include aggressive great white encounters, interactions with with seals, makos, marlin, sandtigers (ragged tooth sharks), whale sharks, a killer whale, turtles, fish, big waves, buster gales and of course humans.

The book will be available on CD.


R 120 excluding postage.


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