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  Why get a mentor:

  • Learn shortcuts to success

  • Avoid time consuming mistakes

  • Learn to think and act like one who has got the skills you seek

  • Avoid hazards

  • Get experience from others

  • Fast track your progress

  • Learn new ways of diving and spearfishing

  • Acquire knowledge that ordinary books simply do not offer

   Read on to find out more about this unique learning experience...  

In most fields if you want to learn how to do something well then the best way is to find someone who has already mastered the skills and join them. In years gone by one had to be in the same physical place as the mentor to get the benefit. Today, however, with computer technology on your side such barriers are fast being shattered. Imagine taking away your e-mail or internet connection? 

Cave Diving makes for a great change of scenery and excellent spearfishing



Why a mentorship? Learning a new language is not easy - it takes time, effort, mistakes, and includes many laughs, even tears and probably a few embarrassing moments when you accidentally swore or insulted someone. Learning a new skill is no different - golf cricket, baseball, football, chess, investing, flying etc. all require starting with the basics and gradually building them up. The process can be learned by experience (trial and error) but many mistakes are required and some can be fatal(e.g.flying). It is often difficult to learn from a mistake as the stress involved may cloud your judgment. Learning small, strategically timed  lessons and getting expert tips along the way is ideal in that the lessons are properly assimilated and can be better applied than if you are swamped in theory, new terminology etc.



          Modeling Currents and Topography Increase Success Fantastically - these are covered in teh mentorship programs

Why not join me in a mentorship program?

How does it work? 

You enroll on the mentorship and are given lessons on a weekly basis. The lessons span over a full year. In this mentorship program you receive the full course (freedive or spearfishing depending on your choice) and as a bonus you will also receive my full divebook entitled "Pinnacle and Wall Divesites of Port Elizabeth - Memoirs of a Freediver" with all additional anecdotes built into the lessons.

The advantages of this mentorship approach include:

1. You are not overloaded with theory.

2. You learn at a pace that suits you.

3. Safety is enhanced as it is built into the lessons accordingly.

4. You get access to tips and approaches and mindsets that cannot be covered in a few lessons in a classroom.

5. You get additional insights into exploration as well as "the things I have learned".



Learn how to handle small boats in rough seas, outboard motor trouble shooting etc.



You have two options:

Option 1.  A freediving mentorship



A Yellowbelly Rockcod (Meru) inspects my Camera                             The Propellor of the Kapodistrias at Cape Receife


Option 2. A spearfishing mentorship

Yellowtail on Zephyr's Wall

       MCM Patrol Boat 

A Bank Steenbras  


    In both mentorships you will learn:

You may ask: "What is the difference between the two mentorships?"

There is considerable overlap as suggested by the factors listed above. Basically the freediving mentorship focuses of freediving and enjoying the oceanic environment - seeing, feeling and having fun underwater without scuba.  The spearfishing mentorship focuses on freediving to a somewhat lesser extent with emphasis on the hunting aspect and developing hunter skills.


A Westerly View of Cape Receife Lighthouse - Big Surf Prevailing




The spearfishing mentorship covers detailed aspects of the sport including tricks and strategies to be used in competitions.

As a scientist and teacher by profession I learned how we progress largely through mentorship  -  a qualified promoter (experienced scientist) guides the student through the process if investigating some topic and also helps the student write up the results of all the experiments in a report or thesis.  If there is some meaningful contribution to science or industry then the student and the promoter have achieved their goals. This process often involves "doing the wrong things to eventually to the right thing". Mentors simply reduce the "doing of wrong things" and so progress is faster and much smoother.

Personally I believe the same applies to freediving or spearfishing - going out and exploring should result in some contribution to the sports or hobbies if the process is tackled as such. As we go through the process of learning and gaining experience there is value in that experience and we should not take it to the grave with us - rather pass it on to those who follow.


    My diving CV: 

    To help you decide if you want to purchase a course read my CV.

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R 800 once off 

(or R 95 per month - this option is more costly (R95 x 12 = R1140) due to greater admin requirements but you can try it for a while if you like then decide if you wish to continue).

Lacking funds? Want your mentorship for free?

I was once a poor student and could not afford stuff I wanted. My first set of long spearfishing fins were an ordinary pair of "cheapies" that were upgraded to full extra-long fins - this was achieved by riveting strips of polyethylene onto the short fins. These fins took me down to 28 meters in my first year of freediving.

The bottom line is simply that if you have the desire you will find a way. Another time I had a broken a bone in my left foot so I made a fin that strapped onto my thigh so that I could dive and it worked fairly well. I mention these two situations and my responses to them just to show that a hindrance or inconvenience can be over come if but first you must have the passion to overcome it.

You may want to do the mentorship but lack the funds, there is an option. Get four others people to sign up for the full mentorship and yours is free.


Do you wish to sign up?

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IMPATIENT?? If you specifically seek increasing your depth and bottom time and learning great hunting methods but are not interested in other topics then click here to find my advanced spearfishing course



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